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As a business traveler to Uganda, we understand that you’re concerned about what kind of food you will eat during your trip to Africa.

You want to know how the food is prepared and whether you will be able to find your home food. If vegetarian, then you’re wondering whether you will be able find some quality vegan cuisine in Africa. You’re also contemplating whether you will stick to your home dishes or you will explore some African Traditional foods.

In this Uganda food guide we’ve put together information that will help you appreciate the new foods and cuisine you will find in Uganda. We want you to understand and be able to critic the Menu items at the very first African restaurant where you will eat dinner from during your business trip to Africa. Imagine being foreign, on your first trip to Uganda, Africa and yet well able to order some popular Uganda traditional food like Matooke, and further insisting that it should be steamed (Ensaanike/Enyige) and served with Beef Luwombo.

Your waitress would most certainly freakout on your request and become extremely cautious when serving you…! You will find info about the common foods eaten in Uganda and recipes for the dishes that are normally made out of these Uganda foods.

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